About AJ

Located in the Heart of Artesia We have been doing weddings since 1995. Long before many Indian weddings photographers were unheard of. Hi I am AJ and photography has been my passion since the era of film.

Started my Business in New Jersey in 1995 I soon learnt that this was the trait I was looking for Photographing many weddings few years as a photojournalist.


Your wedding is the most important day of your life. I see myself more as a visual storyteller, rather than just some guy with a camera. Long after the ice sculpture melts, kids that are in their own world sitting somewhere in the corner of the room, grandma's expression as the couple smash their cake on each other, a unique friend laughing his heart's out at every line, Just to remind you of the joys of your wedding day, making sure that those moments are frozen in time so you and yours can cherish them forever.


I taken over a million photos, told thousands of stories of people in the process. I soon realized that Southern California was the place to be, as it was a place I had first landed.


Today we are a company of 20 dedicated professionals who have earned a reputation of being the top in this industry. We have been featured in many magazine and and trade shows.

It will always be a passion that I will pursue looking forward to cover your special day